Limelight-Redux-AREI need everyone’s help. My romance book, LIMELIGHT, is is dire need of Amazon reviews. For those who don’t understand how the system works, let me explain. There are a number of email-based promotional groups out there. People sign up who want to know about cheap books and then they get emails (or facebook updates) with links to all of those books. Those email ads have a lot of requirements, and one of them is Amazon reviews. Specifically, as they allow anyone to review, even if you didn’t buy the book from them.

LIMELIGHT is a big departure from what I normally write, so it’s been difficult to promote. It’s my lowest seller by far of all of my books, and it’s been difficult to gain new readers as I don’t have the reviews to take out ads to get new people exposed to the book.

That’s where you come in. I’m giving away FREE copies of Limelight to anyone who emails me ( Please don’t post a reply – just email me. If you like the book, leave a sentence-long review on Amazon. Something as simple as “I like this 4 stars” or “This sucks and Krista is the worst ever 1 star” is perfectly fine. (Trust me, I’ve gotten significantly meaner than “Krista is the worst!”) You don’t have to give me a raving review; just be honest. The reviews all help – something you hated might be what another would love.

Feel free to share this post or even to post it on your blogs.


Love…in the spotlight.

Anna Lainey is a successful author who values her privacy. The last person she would imagine herself dating is a movie star–yet when she meets Benjamin Worthington on the set of a major motion picture, sparks fly–and before she knows it, she’s caught up in a very public whirlwind romance.

But Anna has kept herself distant from others for a reason–she has a secret, crippling panic disorder. When Ben’s fans turn against her and begin stalking her, her worst anxieties have come to life. She doesn’t want to live without Ben–but she can’t live in the limelight either.

Blog renovations!

Things are going to be messy for a few days…weeks if I don’t stop playing Dragon Age: Inquisition…I’m updating the blog’s template, plus moving things around.

Writing Consent: Part 2

In March of 2011, I blogged about consent in speculative fiction (I recommend reading that first if you aren’t sure about what consent is). It’s 2014, and I’m still having the same conversation over and over. We’re still struggling with consent in everyday life; it makes sense that consent is muddled in our fiction, too. I have to admit, though, that I’m always stunned when I pick up a book and what is supposed to be the sexy love scene is actually a rape scene.


Looking for children’s books with disabled characters

Hey all!  A fabulous reader left a message  to discuss Jane Bennet in First (Wrong) ImpressionsHer seven year old daughter is also an amputee, like Jane and my Mom, yet is underrepresented in fiction. So, let’s see if we can find this Mom some fabulous books for her little girl!

Please leave some suggestions in the comments and I’ll compile a list later in a new post!


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