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The biggest book surprise for me this year was Tanya Huff’s Enchantment Emporium. It was a breath of fresh air from all of the urban fantasy I’ve been reading. There were no PIs, no detectives, no James Bonds. Just a girl inheriting a store, taking on some dragonlords, and banging her second cousins. (That ‘s’ was not a typo; it does make sense, as they use sex magic). I adored this book.

I fell in love with Jane Glatt’s Unguilded this year. Such a beautifully uplifting book. After so many books of the hero having to make the Hard Choices ™, it was nice to read about someone who looked at those choices and refused to go against her nature. It was an amazing book.


Sorcerer's Legacy by [Wurts, Janny]

Sorcerer’s Legacy is one of the best romance books I have ever read. This is the best fantasy-romance hybrid book I have ever read – and all of you know how picky I am about hybrids, cross overs, and fence sitters. This book was amazing. I wept. I was at the dentist reading. I was in line at the grocery store reading. I could not stop reading.

The book is about Elienne (heroine, main character) trying to honour the agreement she’d made to protect this Prince, but also to keep her own head well placed on her shoulders. It’s a tricky thing because she has no agency in the world she’s placed in…yet she personally finds big and small ways to find as much control over her situation and life as possible, which I really liked seeing. Even though things happen to her constantly, she is always trying to control them as best as she can.

The pace is break-neck. There’s barely a pause.


This book was so great. It takes a common theme of “duty” and digs really deep into what does that actually mean, and how far does it go. The main character, Captain Mykkael, really has the patience of Job; the people around him can’t even be bothered to say his name right half the time. Yet, he’s stuck with investigating the disappearance of the princess. So what seemed like was going to be an interesting tale of fantasy Sherlocking turns very quickly into this explosive adventure with mythical beasts and shapeshifting sorcerers.

Oh, and Janny really makes the horses and hounds real characters. They aren’t just creatures who do someone’s bidding. Don’t be surprised if mid-book you start shouting, “To Hell with the prince! What about the horses! Are the horses okay! Someone answer me!” And then staying up two extra hours before you find out if the horses are okay or not.


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