State of the books, Mar 2017 edition

Posted By kristadb on Mar 6, 2017 |

Hello everyone!

Well, surgery is well behind me now and all of the work I’ve been putting into my health really feels like it’s finally paying off. I have a lot less pain and and am a lot more mobile. It’s still difficult to sit for long periods of time, and I still tire easily, but it’s nothing like where I was before my surgery.

First, I want to thank everyone for sticking with me throughout a very difficult 2016. I know many of you were disappointed when I said I couldn’t get you a new Bethany book, and I am sorry for that. It was a difficult year with my health. I’m not back to where I was, but I’m still improving.

I am going to be looser with release dates this year because I’m still unsure if I’m going to continue improving or if where I’m at is where I’m at now. But here is the current plan:

  • Traitor (Book 1 of the Collaborator series) will be out March 16, 2017.
  • Liberate, the first book of the Gods of Tranquility story arc (so, Bethany’s next book), is 30% done the first draft. I’m aiming for a summer release currently.
  • The Nightmare We Know is outlined and I’ll be starting it when Liberate is done. I’m aiming for a late autumn to early winter release.
  • Fugitive, the next Collaborator book, is due around the end of the year or early 2017. However, since they are shorter books, I might fit it in between Liberate and Nightmare, depending on how burned out I am from writing fantasy.

Then, the hope is to start a more regular rotation: Bethany (Tranquility) – Rebecca (Collaborator) – Allegra (Demons) – either Rebecca or a one off – Bethany…That way, I can more easily avoid burnout of writing too many of the same kinds of books close to each other.

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