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Introductory Fantasy Book Recommendations

Poison Study by Maria V. Synder This was an adorable book. Yelena was such a sweetie and I liked her ongoing attempts to improved herself and be her own rescuer. The romance was…okay, you need to really not think about it too much. If we just set aside the wildly inappropriateness of it all, they are so cute together. The addition of the ghost haunting her was a nice touch to the story,...

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Read the first 3 chapters of ‘The Demons We See’

Status Quo Lady Acardi’s Summer Residence Southern Cartossa     He listened helplessly as the royal guards stormed into the great foyer of the estate. Crammed into a hidden corridor with six other mages, he couldn’t help their protector if any of them were found. So they all waited, listened, and hoped. Lady Acardi spoke first. “General, why have you barged into my home uninvited?”...

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Sorry for the mess

I’ve had to do a fresh install of my website and wipe all of my content, so I’m slowly getting everything back up and running. If you need anything, contact me on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks so much, Krista

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