There is what is right, and what is necessary.

Rebecca turned herself in as soon as the first boots of the invasion force hit Earth. Seven years later, she has a chance to redo that decision. The question is, will she.  You can pick up the first book of this new series, Traitor, on Amazon, Kobo, Nook today.



Bethany thought she’d given everything in the fight against Magic. She was wrong.

The core series, Tales of Tranquility, is completed. The next set, Gods of Tranquility, will be set two hours after the end of Schemes. The first book in Gods of Tranquility releases Nov 7, 2017. Check out the Tranquility books here!


Spirit Caller

Rachel has no trouble believing in spirits. It’s the living she has a tough time believing in.

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The Dark Abyss of Our Sins

Allegra and her personal guards race to stabilize the peace before the entire known world explodes into war with not just itself, but with the abyss from beyond.

So much for demons not being real.

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