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Some tips on how to help your favourite authors/books

Originally published on r/fantasy. You can read the discussion here.   A couple of months ago, someone asked how they could help a debut author. This topic comes up a couple times a year, so I thought I’d write a full post about it. Note: Some of these things don’t apply to authors wanting to hit the NYT bestsellers list, the USAT bestsellers list, etc. Also, some might not apply to those with big pub contracts who are struggling to keep those big pub contracts and are asking their readers for help differently than what I’m posting here. So take this as a general template, not an absolute for...
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Is “Good” Good Enough? – Marketing’s Effect on What We Read & How to Change It

Originally published on r/fantasy. You can see the discussion in the comment here.   We want to read good books. What qualifies as a good book varies between us all, but in the end we are all on the search for that next good book. It’s why we’re all here, and why there are so many recommendations threads. I know that regulars sometimes get frustrated by recommendation threads (myself included), but we’re all in search of that next, great book. This post started as what was going to be part 1 of 4, but I’ve decided to put it together into one long post because it’s been on my mind for months now....
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