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Book recommendations from my READ pile

The biggest book surprise for me this year was Tanya Huff’s Enchantment Emporium. It was a breath of fresh air from all of the urban fantasy I’ve been reading. There were no PIs, no detectives, no James Bonds. Just a girl inheriting a store, taking on some dragonlords, and banging her second cousins. (That ‘s’ was not a typo; it does make sense, as they use sex magic). I adored this book. I fell in love with Jane Glatt’s Unguilded this year. Such a beautifully uplifting book. After so many books of the hero having to make the Hard Choices ™, it was nice to read...
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Introductory Fantasy Book Recommendations

Poison Study by Maria V. Synder This was an adorable book. Yelena was such a sweetie and I liked her ongoing attempts to improved herself and be her own rescuer. The romance was…okay, you need to really not think about it too much. If we just set aside the wildly inappropriateness of it all, they are so cute together. The addition of the ghost haunting her was a nice touch to the story, adding to the despair she often feels. The first person POV and easy language makes for a really good introduction to the S&S/high fantasy style for those who are used to reading contemporary settings.  ...
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